EAEEG History

The Eastern Association of Electroencephalographers (EAEEG) was established in 1939 by workers from Montreal and Boston. Founding members included Wilder Penfield, Herbert Jasper, and many other pioneers of North American electroencephalography. The Eastern Association was the first EEG society in North America and continues to work to promote dialog between clinicians and basic researchers in the neurosciences.

The EAEEG holds a single annual meeting (typically 2 days in February), alternating annually between New York City and the Laurentians (north of Montreal). Each meeting features a major talk or symposium along with a session for free communications.

Epilepsy and electrophysiology are continuing themes of the EAEEG but all related neuroscience areas are covered. Recent symposia topics have included: in vivo brain imaging, sleep, magnetic brain stimulation and functional neuroimaging. Over the years, invited speakers have included: Norbert Wiener, Sir John Eccles, Eric Kandel, Mark Hallett and many other prominent contributors in the neurosciences. Society Proceedings are generally published in Clinical Neurophysiology.

Past Presidents